COVID-19 Cash Forecast Service

We help you to put your business in a stronger position to combat the COVID-19 interruption.

Normally $400, access this today for only $149 + GST.

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Cash Forecast Service – COVID-19 Crisis Support

Recently, when working closely with our current clients in responding to the COVID-19 crisis, what has stood out is how vitally important it is to have a cash forecast in place. We have brought this service to our existing clients and ALL of them are now in a stronger position to combat the COVID-19 business interruption head on. In fact, as business owners ourselves, we use this tool every day in our own business.

This has led us to develop this OFFER during the COVID-19 Emergency.

Cash Forecast Service

Set up cash forecast and 4 Weeks remote support (Skype/Zoom/Facetime)


  • supporting you to set up your 12 week rolling cash forecast
  • guidance on how to do the weekly reconciliation
  • guidance on how to forecast your future incoming and outgoings

FOR $149 plus GST

Benefits from having a cash forecast
  • Calm – realistic assessment of where my business (and me) are at
  • Focus – clarity on what I must do today
  • Confidence – taking one step at time & working on what I can control
  • Sleep easier – less stuff running around in my head

This involves 10 hours of administrative work, normally charged at $400

The aim is to have you up and running so that you can maintain your cash forecast after the 4 weeks yourself and is yours to keep and use forever – alternatively if:

  • You need it but don’t have time to keep it up to date, we can offer:
    • Reconciliation by an analyst at $40 per hour, our experience says it usually takes 30 minutes a week for a small business
  • You have other big issues to deal with and need expert business support, then let’s talk.

To find out more with no obligation, please call:

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