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At FlowGetic we have proven programs and experience to help owners grow their businesses and overcome the challenges they face on their journey.

What we do

FlowGetic’s practice is focused on you the business owner to give you support and build the capabilities within your business to enjoy the freedom of owning your own business but with less stress and hassle.

Next Level Growth

2 month intensive program working with you to:

  • Assess where you and your business are at in the business lifecycle.
  • Build 8-layered strategy, financial plan (budget & cashflow) & confident, clear, achievable action plan to build the business you want to have.
  • Have dedicated support not only throughout the entire program but business-life long.
  • Be supported by a network of subject-matter experts – the FlowGetic Collaborative – your marketing, finance, administration, and people management support team.
Next Level Growth

Freedom Back Support

Our Business Support Program is for an established business that is dealing some BIG challenges:

  • Business seems to be going nowhere no matter how many hours you put in
  • You don’t have any more time to take care of what this should all be about: family and loved ones
  • Even more, there just isn’t time for you enjoying a bit of life and looking after yourself
Freedom Back Support

The FlowGetic Business Support Program helps straight away. You will have two experienced business owners working alongside you, rolling up their sleeves to help sort out the biggest issues first, and then build a robust plan to put you back on track to where you really want to get to.

Our Business Support Process

Snapshot Review

Snapshot Review

A 360° review of the business, benchmarking where your business is now at, what are the immediate priorities and opportunities.

Growth Plan

Growth Plan

Get a structured view of where you want the business to be at its next level of growth. We will work with you through a growth framework to build both income and equity in your business.

Enablement Projects

Enablement Projects

We and FlowGetic Collaborative will work with you to build the skills, processes and the platforms to drive your strategic revenue, profit or staff projects.

Is your cash tight?

Your sales flat?

Are you low on energy & high on stress?

Want to exit but don’t know where to start?

We can help you

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Our Directors

Chris Neve

Chris Neve

Chris Neve's Linked In Profile

A passionate enthusiate dedicated to helping business owners improve their business lives.

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Dan Wright's Linked In Profile

Clarity, freedom, and action. These are at the heart of what Dan brings to his work with his clients. Throughout his business life Dan has been driven to create success for everyone he has worked with.


We engaged FlowGetic as we had grown quickly from a staff level of only 5, to over 25 within a few short years, with few systems in place to manage the business. The business also revolved around a few key people, and as a result had a relatively flat structure. This meant that as business owners we were not only stretched but didn’t always understand where the business was positioned and where we should best spend our time to improve it.

Chris and Dan impacted on our business immediately by adding governance systems and process to enable us to get a clearer vision of where we are at, and run it more efficiently.

The systems were then backed with training for other members of the team, which allowed them to step up to the next level and thereby allow the leaders more time to spend ‘on the business’ and not ‘in the business’

Sott Clements Director & Buildings Principle - Inertia Engineering

“I run 4 business’s that are all at different stages of growth and I was struggling with developing and implementing strategies to make this more manageable.

Chris and Dan worked with myself and my team to provide clarity and direction to what the business’s needed to achieve our goals.

Flowgetic assisted with implementing systems and processes across all areas of our business. They have worked closely with all my key staff members providing assistance and training when required. The business’s now operate on a more solid platform and I sleep easier.”

John Morgan - Humiscope

FlowGetic’s practice is focused on you the business owner to give you support and build the capabilities within your business to enjoy the freedom of owning your own business but with less stress and hassle.